approx. 1973


  • Blacktron associate(possibly)
  • Independent criminal(formally)
  • Black Hole Gang member(currently)


  • Blacktrix(possibly)(formally)
  • Galaxy City, Moon, Earth

Wanted for

  • Smashing planetoids
  • Bashing ultra-steel barriers
  • Crunching prison pod walls
  • Evasion of arrest
  • Numerous heists
  • Assaulting a uniformed officer
  • Property damage
Rench is a Plisken and a leading member of the Black Hole Gang. He is the third nega-cousin of other high-ranking Black Hole Gang member Kranxx. He has been referred to by the Space Police as the hired muscle of the group. Rench is very violent and known to use anything to smash obstacles in his way.


Early LifeEdit

Rench is believed to have been born in early 1970s, Earth time in either in the Leg-Godt Galaxy or the Milky Way Galaxy. Rench was believed to be close to his third nega-cousin Kranxx and fell into crime with his cousin at an early age. Space Police also believes that Rench had some connections with the Blacktron in the 1990s.

Black Hole GangEdit

In the 2000s, Rench often harassed the citizens of Galaxy City on the Moon Colony independently. However, in 2008, Rench left the Moon, presumably to commit crimes elsewhere in the universe. However, in January 2010, Rench returned to harass the Space Police and Galaxy City again, this time secretly working with Brick Daddy and the Black Hole Gang.

Initially, most of Rench's crimes were petty. On January 11 at 5:17 AM, Rench shot a Comet Cola vending machine at Tesseract Way 1/B with a Level 5 Fractal Laser, causing the machine to explode.

On February 8 at 7:15 PM, Rench dropped a large asteroid into Perseii Plasmaball Stadium with a smiley face burnt into it. No one was present because it is was a micrometeor-shower day.

A week later at 11:17 AM, Rench was spotted at Monorail Station D smashing his face into an automated monorail car asking for exact change.

On March 1 at 6:21 PM, Rench was cornered at the Old Town Alley by a squad of Space Police Commados led by Chief Lisbeth when he ran out of fractal gas in his laser. Rench was arrested and taken to Space Police Central Precinct Detention Center. Following his arrest, a datapad was confiscated and revealed that his random crime spree was actually very organized. Despite that, Rench refused to speak to the Space Police. The only thing he would tell them is "You'll find out when the Boss arrives."

Later in the summer, Rench, along with a Skull Twin, Slizer, Frenzy, Squidman, and Jawson were freed from the Detention Center by fellow gang member Craniac. With the whole gang out of prison, the gang split into to several groups and spread out across the universe. Rench teamed up with Kranxx and helped him commit numerous heists across Galaxy City. Following a battle with Space Police Commando Blake Coraham and Officer Ernesto Fabello, Kranxx and Rench fled Galaxy City.