The Alpha Team


March 5, 2001

Preceding Agency


Superseding Agency

Agents Defense Organization




Led by

Dash Justice

The Alpha Team is a secret agency created by the LEGOLAND government to protect the country from superpowered villains and terrorists in 2001. Led by Dash Justice, the team traveled around the world to fight their primary enemy Evil Ogel and prevent him from taking over the world.

In 2008, the Alpha Team was deemed outdated and replaced by the Agents Defense Organization. However, the Alpha Team continues to operate today.



The Alpha Team was formed following the defeat of the L.A. at the hands of Evil Ogel. The leader of the L.A., Libo, chose several spies and secret agents to succeed the destroyed organization and chose Dash Justice as leader.

The D.O.O.M MachineEdit

Shortly following the creation of the Alpha Team, news was leaked to the team of Evil Ogel's new D.O.O.M. Machine. The team was dispatched around the world on a search to find, but discovered the leak was a trap set by Ogel and were captured. Only two Alpha Team members remained, Teevee the robot and leader Dash Justice.

The remaining Alpha Team headed to Ogel's tropical island, where they reached the Ogel Control Center. Evil Ogel attempted to trap them in the greenhouses of the control center, but they escaped. Dash and Teevee then saved agents Crunch and Radia and shut down the Control Center's power supply and headed to the Goo Caverns via Trouble Train.

At the Goo Caverns,