The Deep Sea Salvage Crew is a LEGO City-based diving organization made to find sunken ships and treasure in the ocean since 1991. In 2010, however, they became the ATLANTIS Deep Sea Salvage Crew after Professor Samantha Rhodes tricked them into searching for the underwater city of Atlantis.


The Deep Sea Salvage Crew was formed by Ace Speedman in 1991 in LEGO City. Its main purpose was to use submarines to salvage treasure and other artifacts from the ocean depths.

Search for AtlantisEdit

In 2011, the Deep Sea Salvage Crew was commissioned by Samantha Rhodes to help her with a secret salvage mission. Using the Neptune Carrier, the Deep Sea Salvage Crew dived deep underneath the ocean's surface. Rhodes then explained that she wished to discover the lost city of Atlantis. Captain Speedman was against the idea of searching for a supposed myth. Suddenly, their sub was attacked by a Monster Crab that sent the ship into the ocean floor.

After the crash, Speedman left the sub and captured the crab in a cage. As he was returning to the sub, he found a strange crystal object, which he brought aboard the Neptune Carrier. However, Lance Spears fails to fix the sub and causes it to fall off an underwater cliff and into a volcano.

The sub travels out of the volcano into an extremely low depth. Rhodes realized that the crystal Speedman had found was a key to Atlantis and that there were more in the ocean. The crew that disassembles their ruined sub into the Typhoon Turbo Sub and the Seabed Scavenger and they, along with Speedman's Wreck Raider and Spears in a diving suit, begin to search for more keys.